Our Vision

Our Aims

1. To maximise the impact of the Gospel in Central Europe and Central Asia by matching the experience and resources of western partners with the cultural sensitivity, financial resourcefulness and relational networks of eastern partners.
2. To cultivate God’s kingdom values in new and effective ways, develop the local church in discipleship and mission to spread the gospel; and to make Christ known in society from Central Europe to Central Asia.
3. To practically help one another by training leaders, promoting the work and working together through local initiatives.

Our Strategy

Reaching our societies more effectively requires a team of united, trained and inspired workers who can engage with local issues in a relevant manner whilst furthering the Great Commission in Central Eurasia.
To promote the work of CEP, we need to expand the circles in which we work, specifically seeking to build a network of project partners and advocates from the West. Key people from outside the Central Eurasian region are needed to raise awareness and support in the West: being involved in mutual projects such as training, camps and finance raising; but not to control or dictate the work.

Our Values

As a group of believers from Central Europe and Central Asia, we seek to create gospel initiatives in our countries. We must be united in our diversity, respectful of one another, above reproach in financial and ethical issues and seeking to train new leaders through discipleship and by example.
Recognising the missed opportunities of the past we seek to take mission to all areas of our societies with honesty, integrity, cultural relevance and sensitivity. We must always look to build bridges rather than barriers; and engage in continual evangelism and discipleship with those we meet.