Unlike all the other Partners who are active within the East European region, CEPUK exists as a facilitating and supporting partner. As a full UK registered charity (reg. charity no. 1121497), any donations made by UK taxpayers can be “gift-aided”, hence increasing the amount received by Partners. Initially, 10% of a gift is deducted to be used in our “Development Fund”, but once Gift-Aid has been recovered, the Partner will eventually receive more than the amount given. This 10% is not deducted from specific gifts. This Development Fund is used almost exclusively to fund the twice-yearly trips to UK by a small team of Partners, who travel to different churches and groups to tell about the work and encourage new support. Any destination will be considered, so if you would like a presentation from one of our Partners, please contact us.

CEPUK is administered by a group of 6 Trustees, who meet at least twice a year to review how best to support our Partners.