Annual Conference

It is a joy and pleasure to extend to you a warm invitation!

We hold an annual Central Eurasian Partners’ conference over a weekend in early October (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch).

Anyone is warmly invited; it is an open conference for anyone interested in mission… to encourage and be encouraged, to make new friendships and partnerships, to meet committed, wise, insightful and experienced people from around the Central/Eastern European region, to hear and discuss about God’s working through a wide variety of cutting edge, Kingdom-oriented mission projects, to cultivate friendships, to inspire one another to consider Jesus as our highest treasure in life and to seek to help one another serve Him more effectively in our various contexts.
There is always at least one representative from each of the Partners present, who gives a brief update about their work, so for anyone going from Britain, it is a great opportunity to meet the people “on the ground”. We also have inspirational speakers, and time for relaxation and chat!


We have now had 10 annual conferences, most of them at the Hotel KAM Malenovice, a Christian conference centre in the Beskidy Mountains in the Czech hills. This year we are holding it at a new venue in SE Poland. The format and people will be very much the same!


Follow this link to read about the new venue, and to register to attend!

Pictures from Conferences past