Treasury of Wisdom School

This is a Christian School in Lutsk, Ukraine, which has a great influence for the gospel in that city. The director, Sergiy Gopanchuk, wrote this summary in 2020 :

Lutsk private lyceum “Treasury of Wisdom” is founded in 2011 in Lutsk, Ukraine.



The mission of the lyceum is to form knowledge about God and to teach the Bible principles through the educational process.

There are 1-9 grades in the lyceum.

The age of pupils is 6-15 years.

The total number of pupils is 130, 6 among them has special needs.

The number of teachers is 23.

In addition to the usual subjects Christian ethics and a Bible lesson are taught every week in the lyceum. Each school day begins with a prayer in the classroom, and every Monday school starts with a general assembly and prayer. The educational process is based on the Christian educational program “Youth is at the Crossroads”.

The number of pupils and teachers has grown since then. In the first week of the Russian invasion in February 2022, the school had to close its doors, and the 28 teachers were suddenly without an income. At this time, we do not know whether they are still in Lutsk, or have fled to nearby Poland.