A Happy New Year

We praise God for His blessing on all the CEP Partners in 2018, and trust him for what is to come in this new year.

Thanks to the accumulation of donations over the past year, we had the happy task of making lots of bank transfers during December to our Partners, a small amount to each to enable them to have some kind of Christmas celebration for the people who had worked so hard in each place – and a significant amount for several Partners, for some financial needs they had mentioned. These included, for instance, a computer in one school, a door in another, and in Bratislava funds to equip the new Residential Community, more news of which to follow.

The Music School will be able to carry out some much needed tuning and maintenance of pianos and other instruments, photography equipment and website building. SLOT now has the funding it needs to begin the new round of “Slot Train” events in different cities, and Youth for Christ can help a couple in their desire to set up a new Bible-based children’s club to reach a wider area of the city.

We also boosted the giving to our 3 Christmas appeal projects, so our giving is being channeled through our Partners in Central Europe to reach many in need in Africa and South Asia.

Our friend here, Sam, is using his 40th birthday as an opportunity to raise funds for Territory 2:2 and widows in Ukraine – if you would like to add to that, please Contact Us.

So, in wishing all our friends and supporters a Happy New Year, we ask you to continue in prayer for the Lord’s work in East Europe and beyond, that His Kingdom will be built.