Another Van!

Thanks to the charity “Pickups for Peace”, we have the opportunity to transport donated aid to Ukraine again very soon! Our friends Sergiy and Andriy in Kyiv are not only helping people locally whose homes have been destroyed, but working with a farmer/evangelist Andriy in Semenivka on the Russian border, to distribute aid to local people and help a hospital there.

Sergiy was there last night, the anniversary of the invasion, and was able to tell Andriy about the generous donation of money for a truck for his use there :

” Our God is so wonderful at organizing everything together and taking care of us when we serve Him! I love watching what He does! Even better – to participate in His work.

You should have seen Andriy’s face (the farmer evangelist in Semenivka) when I told him about the gifts! (We just got back from Semenivka last night). This was at a time when shells were falling very often in the neighborhood, and even officials in Semenivka said that this could be a sign of a new Russian invasion from the north, so we had to stay very quiet at home. So I decided it was a good time to share the news about the pickup truck and… we all just started praising God for His care and blessings in the midst of the war”

Anything we can send can also be shared with a church in Lviv where 70 refugees are living.

The first of these pickup trucks from UK will be leaving next Thursday, March 2nd!

Things needed :  Power banks, Laptops, sheets and towels, crutches, tinned meat or fish and other food, kitchen pots and pans, children’s clothes and footwear. Bulkier items eg blankets, big boxes of washing powder, nappies no. 5,6 and 7, electronic scales and floor scales. Some of these are for the hospital near Semenivka and some for people whose homes have been destroyed.

There will probably be more trucks or vans going a bit later, but to act quickly for next week, please contact us.