Blessed through serving others

ARKA camps in Poland :

Feedback from one of the many “Native Speaker” helpers at the camps – parents love to send their children to these camps because of the English lessons they receive, which are quite a challenge for young people from the UK, who are not teachers, but they manage to give the children good lessons as well as spending quality leisure time alongside them, sharing their lives as well as their Lord. There are enormous benefits to be gained for the young helpers too, as explained by one of them :

“I’ve collected a lot of feedback from the UK Team about their experiences this summer. The response was overwhelmingly positive. In a couple of cases I think genuinely life-changing. People loved the hospitality at the Cleggs’, the location of the camps, the format, the food, the kids, the Polish staff. Lots of positive things to say.”

Next year, Julia Thiessen will be coordinating anyone from UK wanting to go and help on a CEP camp, whether in Ukraine, Poland or perhaps Bulgaria. So, if someone you know would enjoy serving in this way, please Contact Us.