Bratislava Ecosystem

Allan Bussard has sent us a most helpful video, showing how the many strands of CEP gospel work fit together in Bratislava, but a similar “ecosystem” of gospel workers also operates in other CEP “hubs” such as Wroclaw and Lutsk.

Allan writes  :  —-

This summer marks 28 years since we moved to Bratislava, Slovakia.

Arriving here shortly after the collapse of communism, the burning question on our minds was how to make the gospel relevant to a people who were deeply sceptical whether the gospel message was either good or news.

We soon realised that, together with a great group of Slovak colleagues, we needed to create innovative ways to serve the city we found ourselves in. To flesh out the gospel ways that made sense to people.

Over the years, we have been involved in a wide range of projects…NGOs, schools, businesses in a variety of attempts to make the gospel understood.

Sometimes these attempts have borne fruit, sometimes not. In some Caulene and I have been more personally engaged, in others, we serve only as advisors and mentors. In many of the newer initiatives, we only observe as younger leaders develop amazing new things.

This eight-minute video shows how a remarkable group of Slovak men and women, with whom we have been privileged to work over the years, has begun to make a gospel impact on the next generation of Slovak youth.

So, if any of you are curious about what we have been up to the last 28 years, take a look at D3 Bratislava Ecosystem

Thanks for staying on this journey with us…