Bringing Happiness to Children in Romania

As we know, Romania’s troubled history has left many children languishing in institutions, where they have little joy or excitement in their lives.

Our Partner D3Generations, use their project Just as Precious to reach out to these children, but in a programme which also has a tremendous impact on the volunteers, who through helping others discover more about themselves and begin to search for meaning and fulfilment at a deeper spiritual level.

Laurentiu and Carmen have sent us a brief update on their recent Springtime activities:

“We regularly visit the children in the two institutions and organize as many trips with them as we can, especially these months when the weather is so good: it’s warm, it’s sunny, and there are flowers and blossom trees everywhere. With the support of our volunteers we took the children to the park, museums, McDonalds and the cinema. We’re planning a trip to the zoo, too. When the weather is uncertain we do activities inside. For these children though going out and going somewhere is an indescribable joy.

We think it’s an extraordinary opportunity for us to be able to offer these children moments of happiness, relaxation, love and respect. As our volunteers say, when we do activities time flies fast and we forget about our worries and troubles, so instead we gain new hope and refreshed souls.”