Central Eurasian Partners Conference

At the beginning of last month we had our 14th Annual Central Eurasian Partners Conference.
It was an inspiring and family-like time with our partners. Members from various partner organisations shared about their work in Jesus’s name. 
We had a good time for short updates coupled with morning devotions, reflection sessions on the war and the pandemic. Also there was some precious time of prayers during the sessions.
There was also a good time to have coffee and meals and just socialise and chat. The late night talks were very special, with the stars and full moon being out the first night! Sitting outside with friends was bliss, getting to know new people, encouraging them, listening to them and praying for them.

The conference took place in beautiful Polish hills.  The hotel was well placed for great views and easy access to the hills. You can climb up to the top of the local hills. The food is good and the staff is friendly. The hotel is clean.   

Everybody had things to ponder, to learn. One of the participants shared this thought from the conference: “We have opportunities and abilities from God, we need to act on, and not just wait around. Our responsibility is recognising opportunities in crisis. We are the ones to choose what we think about.”
We are grateful to God for such a good time together!