CEP Partners in Ukraine

REALIS in Kyiv and INTEGRA in Bratislava have joined forces to bring humanitarian aid to people in and around Kyiv. And the Lord wonderfully spared the brand new REALIS dormitory building form Russian looters and it is now being used to feed and support many. Read Sergiy’s full report of an incredible two months here.

24.04.22 Tymchenko update 


TREASURY OF WISDOM SCHOOL in Lutsk has also sent news that they are still managing to teach many students through this time :

Dear friends, God be with you.  I hope you had a good holiday to glorify Christ for His victory and to be with your family.
 Our school continues working.  The number of students remains stable after the changes that took place immediately after the beginning of the war.  We hold classes regularly.
 Before Easter, during Christian ethics lessons we had a good opportunity to teach children a lot about Jesus Christ, who overcame death and rose again so that we could live a new life with God.
 Some of our teachers can hold additional meetings where children talk about their experiences and joys.  One of the teachers organizes such meetings at home for those who stayed in the city.
 We definitely plan to work in May.
 We changed the school’s financial policy. Parents who have not lost their salaries pay full tuition fees. Those whose salaries have decreased pay half of it. Those who have lost their jobs do not pay yet.  Thanks to this, we managed to reduce the deficit for April.  In March the deficit was $5,000, in April – $2,000.
 Thank you for your prayers and interest in our school.  We understand that not only God but God’s people are with us.
God bless you,  Sergiy Gopanchuk