CEP Welcome with a Smile

After many months of difficulty with our website, our brilliant technical team – thanks Michael and Sam! – have restored the subscribe facility.

So, we welcome you back to our occasional news about our hardworking Partners in Eastern Europe – all locked down like us, but continuing to serve the Lord in their situations.

If you do not, after all, want to receive this news, then please use the unsubscribe button; but we hope you will all stay with us!

This Christmas you probably will buy lots of your gifts online and especially on Amazon.co.uk. Please could you consider using smile.amazon.co.uk? This will allow Amazon to donate to your chosen charity every time you buy on smile.amazon.co.uk.

Each time you buy on amazon, go instead to smile.amazon.co.uk, and select Central Eurasian Partners as your chosen charity. Thank you very much.

Do explore our website further to find news you may have missed, and await our next post, which will be about Ukraine.