Christmas at Ukraine School

Some nice news from the “Treasury of Wisdom School”  :

Dear friends,
We’d like to tell about the life of our lyceum in December and January and thank you for your prayers, concern and your financial assistance.
December started with the Advent calendar, the purpose of which was to deepen students’ knowledge about the meaning of Christmas. This month our Monday morning assemblies began with the lighting of the Advent candle.
The International Day of People with Disabilities is also celebrated in December and our lyceum has a tradition of visiting the “Agape”  Rehabilitation Complex, where people with spinal injuries undergo the rehabilitation. Among them there are people who survived the terrible consequences of the war, as well as militaries who defended Ukraine.
Such a visit is a great opportunity to instill in students respect and compassion for people with disabilities, to value health and well-being in their own lives, as well as to sympathise with people who have experienced a tragedy.
In December we also held a Christmas party. Some parents of our pupils came and heard about the significance of Christ’s birth.
In the first half of January, the lyceum was on vacation and we had some meetings for teachers to help them grow and be emotionally stable. We talked about the Reformation and its influence on education. We also had a meeting with some specialists who taught us how to treat war injuries. We may get experience which can serve for the glory of God.
We thank God that, in addition to academic subjects, we were able to teach students a healthy lifestyle, hold sports competitions and improve their English through various quizzes. We observe that for students it is not only an improvement of knowledge, but also an opportunity to distract from tension and bad news.
Our teachers love to integrate biblical values into various subjects. In January, teachers of history and foreign literature held an integrated theatrical event called “Courage and Determination”. Its purpose was to show Jesus Christ as an example of courage and determination. Because Jesus was obedient to the Father’s will to save the world from sin and death.
Other students of our lyceum, as well as parents, were invited to this event, which was a good testimony to the Gospel.
The war in Ukraine continues, but we can study offline, because we are provided with a shelter and a basement floor.
During the air raids we have to be in the shelter. But if they finish and the time of the lessons isn’t over, we can continue studying.
We ask you to join us in our prayers:
– we pray about all our pupils, their repentance before God;
– we pray about the children who have problems with behaviour;
– we pray about the teachers who are not believers and the wise relations among the staff;
– we pray for God’s defence during the war;
– we pray about a well-organised seminar for the teachers who teach Christian ethics in our city.
May the Lord bless you.
P.S Some attached photos about our events.