Christmas Camp Sponsorship

For those who prefer to sponsor people in what is perhaps the neediest country of our CEP region i.e. Ukraine, here is an opportunity to give children an unforgettable experience, as described by our friend Slava :

Anton is a kind boy who helps with live streaming of the church service on Facebook. He grew up without a father. His mum was always trying her best to take care of him. Life was not easy for them as she tried to make ends meet, and the absence of a father figure is now very obvious. The boy is very shy,  self conscious and difficult to make friends with children of his age. We invited Anton to attend the Business school where we talk a lot about leadership, character and team work.

This Winter we will organise a camp for kids aged 13-17. He really wants to go there. The program includes Bible time, team building activities, creating business projects, video production lessons, camp games and lots of fun.

Sasha and Illya are 2 boys from the East of Ukraine whose father died in a car accident when they were babies. They live a very simple life. Illya was sponsored to go to the camp last Summer and came with a small bag with 1 raincoat, 1 track suit, 1 pair of shorts and some t-shirts. He was the happiest child who tried to live every moment of the camp as if it was the biggest gift in his life. His brother could not come because he broke both arms playing football. We would like to make a Christmas gift to them as the Winter camp will be on January 1-6, right before Ukrainian Christmas celebration on January 7. The gift of the camp will be cherished by such children for many years.

Such stories are not rare. There are many children like that. If you want to make such children’s Christmas special this year,  you can support them. The camp costs £ 100.

Thank you and God bless you, Slava


To sponsor a child, use the bank information on our   Give page

Email us with your name so we can let you know which child you have sponsored.  Thank you!