Concert in Africa

Our Slovakian Partner Integra continues to inspire Slovak society and Christians to be involved in mission in Africa. Allan tells us of their latest enterprise :

“Man does not live by bread alone”. These words are just as true today as when Jesus spoke them 2000 years ago. He did not say, “man does not need bread”, but “true and genuine life needs more than bread”.

This past week, five Slovak musicians were in Ethiopia visiting Integra’s program in support of poor children. They spent hours singing, dancing, performing and rehearsing. Then, on Friday night, they performed a concert for the entire city.

The hard work, tears, laughter, joy, applause and sacrifice created a deep impression on these children that will stay with them their entire life.

An extraordinary week, unlike any other they have ever experienced, left a permanent conviction in these children, “I am important!”, “I am somebody”. This, in a world that tells them constantly that a poor child in Ethiopia does not really have much value.

The bread they need each day needs to be repeated. But the dignity, value and deep emotions left behind by this week will continue to give them hope for years to come.

You can see more at the link below.