Easter then and now

Interesting recollections, and up-to-date news from Sergiy in Kiev – note that the accreditation meetings at REALIS go on until tomorrow; and the COVID situation is of course ongoing, so your prayers are valued and appreciated, thank you!

Христос восрес! Christ is Risen!
When I was in middle and secondary school, I remember that every year the Soviet Union state was making various obstacles for people to celebrate Easter. Usually, that Sunday was called “black Sunday” which meant that people had to work on that Sunday and that students had to go to school. Most evangelical believers, of course, ignored the order and had difficulties afterward. My teachers were kind to me, they knew I am a believer and usually didn’t report that I am not in school that day. When I was about 15 years old I was on my way to church on Easter Sunday and was waiting for a train at the station. Suddenly, I saw a mid-age policeman and realized he may take me to the police station to find out why I am not in the school on “black Sunday” Easter. So I made a quick and risky decision. I went straight to him, looked him in the eyes, and said sincerely from all of my heart: KHRISTOS VOSKRES! I was so relieved when I’ve heard from him immediately back: VOISTINU VOSKRES! After saying these two words he looked surprised, embarrassed, almost shocked, and went quickly away. Needless to say, I remember that morning for the rest of my life!
KHRISTOS VOSKRES, dear friends! Happy glorious Easter!
PS We will celebrate Easter much later as Ukraine’s holiday follows the Orthodox Easter date. Sunday 4th until Wednesday 7th REALIS will have meetings with the  Committee from the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association so the last week was really a very busy “black week”. All REALIS team was working very hard to be ready for tomorrow’s visit of the EAAA representatives. We would appreciate your prayers. Would you, please, also pray for several of my colleagues and friends who are ill with Covid or its consequences.