Fair Trade Coffee

An example of the ethical businesses which Integra models in Slovakia is a fair-trade coffee roastery. Read about the source of the coffee in Allan’s latest letter :


Legend has it that coffee comes to us from Ethiopia. That it was discovered by a poor shepherd boy named Kaldi. Likely untrue. But it is true that more than 15 million farmers and their families in Ethiopia are dependent on the cultivation and export of coffee. Despite the cost of a cappucino, most live in poverty.

In less than two weeks, I will be in Ethiopia to discuss with an Ethiopian coffee cooperative about selling their very special Sidamo Guji coffee in Europe. (One of the businesses Integra operates is a fair trade coffee roastery.)

Only recently have their 5000 members gained permission to export coffee. Six months ago they approached us about helping them to sell their high quality coffee in Europe. We have been in discussion with them since.

As they have been in a long-term relationship with our Ethiopian children at risk program, they are a group we can trust. Their vision is to plow a large part of the profit made from exporting their coffee into community development and child support projects in Ethiopia.

Thanks to Ethiopia, coffee has become part of our daily ritual. My dream is that we can use coffee to give back to Ethiopia through improved education, health and opportunity for thousands of farmers and their families.

Pray for wisdom in taking this forward. We will be taking your orders shortly 😉



Despite the cost of a cappucino, most live in poverty.