Great Progress in Ukraine

It seems strange to us, but in Ukraine things have been able to continue over this past year, with certain restrictions in place, and some things eg building projects, not moving so fast. But we have a great report here from Svitlana about all the various ministries of Territory 2:2. Please be in prayer for the upcoming Summer camps, and for the completion of the new building (some funding still required) in time for September.

Dear friends & partners,

We hope you are having a blessed time despite quarantine restrictions.

We have had a wonderful academic year in our school being able to meet in the flesh. We successfully finished the study at our Language School and School of Leadership and Business for Teenagers.
Business School has organized a charity project. They gathered and presented school supplies and hygiene products for 99 children with mental and physical disabilities who live in a boarding school.  Slava had a great time with her teenage groups at her house building friendly relationships (chatting, having a meal and playing games together).

We also finished a year at Pre-School with a final meeting.

Kindergarten continues working. We are advertising to have 2 groups for this summer period. Soon it will be one year since we started with the kindergarten.

We are intensively preparing for three summer camps. This year we are going to have our first English-speaking camp for adults. We kindly ask you to pray for the camps, our leaders, our participants.

We started a new team thing this year to improve our relationships. Every week Slava goes out for a coffee with one of the team members.
We have also started monthly team meetings and the last one we had outdoors at a wonderful place in the forest, thanking God for the last year, discussing things that can be improved and summarizing all the blessings.

Thank you very much for your continuous support. We really appreciate.

God bless you abundantly!

Sincerely in Christ,
Territory 2.2, Lutsk, Ukraine