Life Lessons for all ages

Lyena has told us more about the different ages of children being taught English, and other skills, at the Education Centre in Lutsk, run by our Partner Territory 2:2 :-

  Lots of groups learn English in our School. We have groups of children from 2 to 16 years and also groups for adults. There is a course of pre-school training, where children learn skills needed before going to primary school. There are also groups of early development. In September, 2018 we started a year-long program in our new Business school  and also intensive courses for teenagers called “7 Habits of a successful teenager” and “How to choose a career”. In January 2019 we had an English business camp for 70 teenagers. We plan to have the same kids for a camp in Summer and to start a teen’s club.

We have a dream to buy a coffee machine for our Language school and use it for fellowshipping with parents, teachers, and for seminars.