Life on the ground

In Ukraine houses, shops, seminaries, other infrastructure objects, people’s lives are being destroyed. Crowds of people along with us left their friends, families, homes, other activities behind. People start thinking about organizing their lives from the start, finding a job, learning the language, getting friends, though missing Ukraine very much.

Our encouragement is from God’s word. Our life is a pilgrimage to our Heavenly Father in the nicest place ever. He remembers and doesn’t abandon us in every situation and circumstances. I was thinking of Joseph’s story I was reminded on Sunday morning. He was seventeen years old in a foreign country, abandoned by his family, in prison, but he feared God and remained faithful to Him. The Sovereign Lord has His own plan to make for good. He is in control, fulfilling His plan.

Please pray for:

  • Organisation issues of transports coming to Poland and then to Ukraine
  • God’s mercy for Ukraine, Russia, Europe and other countries.
  • Peace in people’s hearts as well as outside in the world
  • That people would stay faithful to God in any circumstances: in Ukraine or other countries
  • That God would give wisdom in making important life decisions considering school, universities, accommodation, jobs, staying temporarily in a foreign country.
  • That Ukrainians and other people would be able to learn the lessons from every situation.
Ukrainians singing a song-prayer for Ukraine