Looking at the World differently

We’ve heard from Bartek at Youth for Christ Poland and he is pretty excited about the Lord’s working recently!  —

Dear Friends,

After a long absence we send you a set of two of our last joys! (next ones are waiting in line to share with you;))
You will read about the project activities in our Narnia Club as well as New Year’s Eve Conference “Beginning” seen with the eyes of Marcela Chyba.

I hope you will find it encouraging 🙂
Please pray with us for kids and teens we serve in Poland!

I am sure you know what 3D printers are.
But do you know of the existence of 3D pens?!? 🙂
I admit that I was woken up from my unawareness of their existence only in January, a few weeks ago.
But how nice it was to wake up from it! 🙂

It was in our Narnia Club that we had an opportunity to work with 3D pens. I cannot describe facial expressions on our Club participants’ faces when they saw the pen! I won’t even try 🙂
Curiosity mixed with disbelief. Joy mixed with uncertainty. After all such things are only in films… and just recently appeared in our Club J 🙂

Have you had an opportunity to help somebody to perceive more? To see further? To do a piggy-back with your own child so that they could see something they cannot perceive from the ground level?
It is a fantastic feeling!! Isn’t it?

This is the way I would like to work with those children!!
This is the way I want to show the world to them.

The world where I would like them not to limit themselves to the role of an observer but to those who positively impact others and broaden their horizons.

How do you like this idea?

We, in Narnia, in order to see more, have created blue glasses with a 3D pen. Make your own and we guarantee that you will start seeing and experiencing more than you expect 🙂



The BEGINNING 2016/17

If I were to summarize the conference in one word, I would say that the Beginning was the most INCREDIBLE time for me. Why? Because of all wonderful things God was doing and, most of all, because, despite the fact it had turned out to be the most challenging organizationally conference ever, I could experience at the Beginning the things I had never experienced before.

I have always thought it to be a great time, yet, this year; it outgrew my already big expectations.

The spiritual atmosphere in that place was absolutely magnetic. The people that had prayed for the event for many months earlier did something incredible- brought God’s presence with their prayers. God’s presence was so obvious during the whole conference that people were coming to ask us how we did it.

We could hear lots of testimonies, see people healed, see lives changed and observe new “beginnings” take place. Those for whom it was not the first conference said that each year they find them better and better. Those who were with us for the first time said they were deeply encouraged in their hearts and they would like to come back next year.

Wonderful time, wonderful people, WONDERFUL GOD!

We believe God will continue leading us towards new things. We are ready for the new and bigger. With faith and courage we are entering the New Year.