“Make your Choice” Campaign

A letter from Al about Summertime in Slovakia :

Summer in Slovakia is full of youth festivals. Not only music and food, but also lectures, seminars, films and discussions. Thousands of young people pitch tents they won’t get much sleep in, and talk about everything imaginable. Good thing they have lot’s of energy!

One of our desires is to be able to engage Slovak youth about serious issues, future issues, justice issues, Kingdom issues.

Shown in this photo is Ivana, who coordinates our child sponsorship program. She is engaged in the “make your choice” campaign, which Integra is active in.

The motto of the campaign is, “The choices you make today, you will live with tomorrow”. Lifestyle, Fair Trade, the environment, poverty alleviation…all Kingdom issues. All issues to engage today’s youth on. All wide open doors to the gospel.

Rather than finding apathy, we find many of today’s young people are engaged, concerned and want to make a difference.

Pray that as our staff move from one festival to the next throughout the summer, that they would encounter and motivate many young people to truly engage in the big issues of today. And that through this engagement they would encounter the King, whose Kingdom issues they truly are.

(Just so glad it is not me sleeping in the tent…)