Meetings in Oxford

Sergiy, representing REALIS in Kiev, is visiting England for a few days at the moment. This morning he had a good meeting at the IFES  central office in Oxford, and this evening he has an important meeting with 3 Oxford professors (of Theology, Ethics and Politics respectively), discussing possible partnership with Realis’ Political Theology course in Kiev, which would open up new opportunities for their ministry in Ukraine, where the aim is to “Bring Light to Society”.

Next Tuesday, Sergiy will have similar discussions with professors in St John’s College, Durham, with a view to partnering with them also.

At the end of June, Sergiy will be back in England with a Ukrainian MP, to meet with Christian MPs in our own parliament to tell them about the work of Realis in Ukraine society.

Please pray for these meetings, that they will result in Realis being more effective in its Christian influence in Ukraine.