Mission FROM Eastern Europe

Mission to the East in Poland have several missionaries working in countries further East than Poland, seeking support for them from within Poland (though open to support offered from UK as well!), and they have just accepted a couple who are working in INDIA – a long way East of Poland! They have already been working there for some time, in a Bible college among other ministries. The wife is Polish and the husband Indian, and they went out there quite independently, but now recognise the benefits of being connected to a mission society, who can offer emotional and spiritual support. So, let’s pray for them.

Meanwhile, the Slovakian church continues to be mobilised by Integra to support needy children in Africa. As Allan explains, these children are now growing, and needing jobs :

“In partnership with Integra, Slovak families support 1500 children at risk in Kenya and Ethiopia. Together with our wonderful African partners, we provide school, nutrition, health care and for some accomodation.

However, 10 years on into this program, the kids are growing up. They need jobs.

Sadly, youth unemployment in these countries is high, and stuck there. Particularly for girls.

On Monday I will meet with one of our project partners in Kenya. We will be mapping out a new program to provide mentoring, work experience and job opportunities for several hundred young people who will enter the labour force in the next two years.

Pray for wisdom in the design of the project, and favour from funding partners and businesses we will be approaching to help. “