Mission from Slovakia

Allan tells us :

“Over 280 years ago the Moravians sent the first missionaries to the Caribbean from a small community not far from where we live now, here in Bratislava.

At that time, they had only 300 members, but this community nurtured a vision of impacting other nations with the gospel. Nations unknown, half way around the world. The Moravians saw their distinct calling as bringing the good news of God’s infinite love to the poorest and most despised people of the world.

Increasingly, we are getting invitations to speak in local churches in Slovakia about missions, the pain of the world beyond our borders, and what the local church can do.

Recently we’ve had opportunities to speak at a Church in Prievidza, and at one in Prešov. I preached the sermon, and one of Integra’s staff spoke of how to practically engage in responding to the needs of those in Africa and the Middle East who are suffering from conflict and poverty.

Pray that these and other encounters will help the Church in Slovakia to continue their journey towards seeing how the gospel calls them to engage with the needs of the “far neighbour”.

The Moravian community back then was no larger than these Churches. It happened once, it can happen again.

Thanks, Allan”