Mission meat to the East

We are sharing the feedback from our friend who is driving goods to the east of Ukraine:

“I was astonished how generous, sincere and open our people are. Knowing, that there are people in the east of the country who are suffering because of the war and have lack of food and basic things, people are trying to help with anything they can. Some bake bread and share it, others share meat and bacon, someone was baking buns the whole night and brought them to us, as we were going to travel to the east.

We are grateful for the ones who live abroad and don’t remain indifferent to other people’s grief.  Hearts, in which Jesus Christ lives will always be full of love, mercy and sincerity.

A large part of expenses is covered by people who are organizing these trips to the east. They are using their own transport, pay the fuel and drive on their own to the dangerous places to distribute help there.”

One of our friends has his own factory that produces tinned meat. With the war he used his factory to provide tins with meat for the people and soldiers in the east. We helped cover the expenses to produce those tins.

Our next van load of tinned meat sent to the east costs GBP 1000. If you have a desire and opportunity to be a part of it – we would welcome your participation in this project.

Thank you for being a small part in a bigger chain, connected by Jesus.

God bless you.

A factory producing tinned meat
Loading the tins
Delivering and distributing meat