Narnia and CS Lewis Schools

These two schools, elementary and high school respectively, are in Bratislava, though the Narnia school has two sites, the second in a smaller town just outside the city. The student numbers are currently 400 in the high school, 600 on the main Narnia site and 200 on the second site. A “school planter” is in place, as there have been enquiries from similar church-based groups in towns right across Slovakia who would like to set up their own Narnia School.

The head of Narnia, Roman Baranovic, was at the conference, and explained there is a new mission statement this year: “To educate and raise every student to think creatively and critically, to be responsible towards oneself, others and the world”. A favourite current quotation by CS Lewis is: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less”.

They are working on how to get more of Narnia into the school – the classes are now named after characters, and the children call themselves citizens of Narnia.

In the CS Lewis School, a huge amount of work has been carried out to improve the facilities, and the latest venture is a Residential community, where 12 students (who would otherwise have to board in other student accommodation) are learning to live together, alongside Christian mentors.