New Challenges in Ukraine

Sergiy anticipates God working in ever greater ways through the Realis Centre in Kiev this year.

“We are working on new courses of study for this year and planning to have more people join the Realis team. One of the courses we are just launching in conjunction with CODEC Centre in Durham University is Digital Theology – this will help two categories of Christian workers; 1) pastors, evangelists and youth leaders, to equip them to reach a new generation of young people, and 2) specialists in digital technology who want to use their skills to serve God’s kingdom today.”

Sergiy also tells us that they are beginning Art Therapy workshops and Peace-building seminars, as well as delivering humanitarian aid, in Eastern Ukraine in the so-called “Grey Zone” near the front line of the ongoing conflict.

He asks for prayer for these new challenges in this new year, to make the best use of the wide-open doors for the gospel in Ukraine today.