New Church in Orzhiv

Bartek, in Rivne in Ukraine, has told us some exciting and encouraging news :

” Beloved ones, We are really grateful to Lord for a plentiful time this autumn. More than year of time has passed and we were able to finish our work on youth room. Now it’s a core of our service in Orzhiv. Our youth group is still growing , not only physically, but also spiritually.
This year Lord has opened to us a totally new stage of our life and service – organization of a new church. Right now our services are happening once a month. We already had opportunity to have this meetings in October and November. Beautiful picture: all the Orzhive House is crowded with people that are praising Jesus and are learning how to become similar to him together. For us, this is an unspeakable joy to see children, youth and their parents together. Here is a service taking place in our “hut” :


Lots of years of work, prayers and meetings let us see great fruits in our life and service. Wow, it’s something unbelievable to feel Gods guidance and realize that He’s doing great deeds, using us. It’s great honor and privilege to serve such a God.
Process of organizing a church is really intense and hard time, so we are asking you for prayers, so that Lord would further guide us and would give us lots of His wisdom. We are really grateful to You for your constant support, motivation and help to not give up. We feel your prayers and are asking for God’s blessings for You. “