New Hope through Cashew growing

Allan updates us about the latest news of mission from Slovakia to Kenya….

Since I last wrote, I was in Kenya at the launch of our new cashew nut project. More than 20 years ago the cashew industry on the coast of Kenya collapsed, due to corruption. We hope to renew it for 15,000 farming families.

More than 700 people turned out to the event, with a wide swathe of local and foreign dignitaries. Mercifully, I did not need to make a speech.
But one of the local officials surmised that with the renewal of cashew as a mainstay of the coastal economy, that the new hope offered would doubtless force down the rates of both divorce and teenage pregnancy!
As you can imagine, expectations are high. We hope to introduce one million new cashew trees in the next 4 years. So best get to work…..