New School Year

September 1st will be “Back to school” for students at all our Partner schools – in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

In Ukraine, despite continuing coronavirus restrictions, the work of Territory 2:2 is expanding, and they are ready for the new year, with some alterations. Lyena explains what will be happening in their Centre, and shows the cute little beds for afternoon naps that they purchased with a recent donation from CEPUK :

Dear partners,
We are going on with kindergarten. We plan to have 2 groups, 10 children in each of them. In some time we probably will need to look for a separate building for kindergarten.
We are grateful for the funds, you have given. We have purchased 10 beds, 10 mattresses and 10 sets of bed clothes.
The other activities of the Education Centre will start again in September -we will begin studying English with children and adults in small groups. We also plan to have business school on Saturdays.
We believe that we can accomplish the activities successfully with God’s help.
Thank you for your support and help.
God bless you.
Territory 2.2.