New School Year

A big cross-section of children are pupils at the PR Slaveikov School in Sofia, Bulgaria, as this report shows :

“We started the new School year on the 15th of September with 90 kids in 8 classes. The celebration for the first school day was very well organized, with presentations from the children and a speech from the leader of the parent’s committee. His words were very emotional and many of the parents were touched especially by his message from the Bible.
During the first few weeks many parents shared with us that they feel a positive change in the atmosphere of the school. The teachers, on the other hand, told us that they feel motivated and are starting the year with a desire to work even harder.
This year about 50% of our kids are from non-Christian families, 11 of them are disabled with special needs. We continue with our efforts to reach these kids with the Gospel, through the weekly lessons in Christian ethics and also by involving Christian values and principles in all the other subjects they study.
This year we want to put an emphasis on learning English at school. That is why we have added additional English classes during which the kids play and have fun but it is all in English. This is the first year that we have lessons in a second language – Spanish, for 5th and 6th grades. We also included in the program additional sports classes, because we want to provide more opportunities for the children to exercise and live healthy.
We are very thankful that our team of teachers and staff is growing. This year we have five new teachers, who have shown great love towards the kids and strong desire to excel in their work. We also have four volunteering mothers, who help us with the administration and as teachers during the afternoon play time. Another mother started a prayer group for mothers, that gathers each Tuesday morning and for one hour they pray for the school and the kids.
Prayer needs:
– Please pray that all the kids who are part of our school will get to know Christ personally and that their parents will also be reached for Christ through them.
– Please pray for the health of our teachers, because we are still understaffed and when a teacher is missing from work the whole program gets confused.
– Please pray for the motivation of the teachers in their work. So that even though this is a very hard and tiring job they will continue to do it with joy and love.”