New Year Camp in Ukraine

Dear friends,
I thought that you might be interested in a more detailed summary of our winter camp.
This was our first camp on New Year itself. New Year celebration is a big thong here in Ukraine, probably like Christmas in your part of the world. It’s usually celebrated in a family circle, so we were a bit worried whether we’ll have enough campers. We had 50 which is less than usual but which was enough to cover the costs.
For the Bible lesson we chose the story of Samson. We talked a lot about God’s potential in every person and how we can either use and develop or waste it on showing off, opposite sex and just pleasures of the world. We also talked about responsibility for the gifts we have and people in our life that can either build us up or lead us to destruction. At the end we talked about Jesus and how He was different to Samson and obedient to His Father and calling. The team said that we talked about God more than in previous camps which looks like a good tendency over the last camps.
We also had some friends and guests who either were teaching some class (healthy lifestyle, first aid, hair styling and care, business) who saw for the first time how Christians can have fun and love God at the same time. They had many questions and we had many meaningful conversations.
Overall we are thankful to God for this camp and we have already started to plan the camps in the summer: for kids July 13-20, for teens July 20-27. We have already booked a beautiful campsite 7 km from Lviv. We are trying to make this time meaningful for our campers so this is something we are praying about and ask you to pray with us.
Thank you so much for your interest and support,