News from Bartek&Zhanna

Bartek and Zhanna have been having a busy few months in Ukraine, with lots of changes and new things in their lives. Firstly, reports of the camps they ran :

I would like to share with you what has been going on in our lives and ministry in recent months. I will start with the summer and the camps where I could be thanks to your help. The first is a teenage camp with a local church in Rozhyshche. There I had the opportunity to talk to young people about the gods of our times. The second camp where I was also for teenagers in the Ukrainian Carpathians. This was a special time in which many young people chose to follow Jesus. However, the most important event for me was my trip to eastern Ukraine. To places that have experienced hostilities. We covered more than 3,000 km, visited several cities, and the camp itself was in the tiny city of Myronovskie – 10 km from the frontline of the war. There we served children and youth. It was difficult emotionally because they had seen and experienced war, pain, fear and the loss of loved ones. For many of these children, war is an everyday life and a great struggle with poverty and hardship. Once again, I would like to thank you very much, thanks to you I had the opportunity to see many miracles and God’s blessings.

After the summer, the Lord led them to a completely new ministry in Lviv :

 I would like to share also with You current information about our family. Last month we moved to Lviv. Ines started studying at a Polish school. I, on the other hand, started working in the seminary, not as an assistant, but as the head of the church planting faculty. It is a great challenge for me, but it gives me great joy. I am working with over 50 leaders who are working on new church projects all over Ukraine.
 This month I have had opportunity to meet 4 groups of Church planting students (60 people) and hear their stories, fields of ministries and challenges. It’s my big dream to see new churches all over Ukraine and beyond.
   I would like to ask for your prayers about me and my family: for wisdom, for our adaptation period in Lviv, about Ines and her school, about choosing new church.
Thank you for your help, big heart and commitment for expanding God’s Kingdom in Ukraine. Thank you for your partnership! May God bless you!