News from Partners

As we held our CEPUK Board meeting last Saturday, we received greetings and appreciation from several of our Partners in Europe, along with some encouraging items of news :

In Slovakia there have been large street demonstrations in protest against corruption, at which 2 people were killed, so these are difficult and worrying days in this country. Integra are submitting a funding proposal to the government for humanitarian support for refugees in Northern Iraq, and ask us to pray for a favourable response. CS Lewis School are planning for and fund-raising for the residence community project – more details to come later.

In Czech Republic Pavel and Julia ask for wisdom and clarity as they start to pass on their responsibilities in  Parakletos to the next generation, and mentor them.

In Bulgaria there is great rejoicing that many families are expressing interest in the PR Slaveikov School for next year, and also that their financial situation has improved greatly – a plan is in place for repaying the debt, and there is a good prospect that the government will provide some funding, which has never been the case before for any private schools there. Deni asks us to pray that they will be able to fulfil all the requirements and that this funding will indeed be forthcoming.

In Poland there is also an improvement in finances at Arka School. A significant new intake of students next year is still needed, and more modernisation of the premises to enable them to compete with other schools at that level, but things look better. A new Principal has been appointed for next year. She has a great deal of excellent experience, and we are asked to pray for her as she begins preparing to take over. We are also asked to pray for Emilia, a newly-appointed administrator for the school, who will also help with wider CEP admin.

Changes are coming for Youth for Christ as Bartek will be stepping down as director. Pray for wisdom for the Board as they meet in April to consider the two excellent candidates for the role.

At Slot a new project is underway, called SLOT TRAIN. This is a series of weekends in different cities of Poland, to follow up on the work of the main Summer festival, concentrating on three areas with those attending: growth in personal life, growing as a group, and growth of their presence and impact within their particular city. So far, weekends have been held in Rzeszow and in Sopot.

In Ukraine Slava from Territory 2:2 was delighted during her visit to UK last week to receive donations to enable them to buy 6 laptops for the Education Centre in Lutsk. With these, they will be able to start IT classes and a small Business School for teenagers. Business is not taught in schools, so this will be very attractive to young people.

In Kiev, the work of Realis is expanding and attracting many church and other Christian leaders to do Master’s courses in many aspects of Theology, Counselling and Chaplaincy; also attracting many good professors from important international institutions. Next week, for instance, a new course is starting on using Art Therapy within counselling ministry.

Please uphold all these Partners in prayer, and thank God for all He is doing through them in Eastern Europe.