News from “Treasury of Wisdom” School in Lutsk, Ukraine

This is the news from the headmaster of the school, Serhiy, writing to our coordinator Malcolm Clegg:

“You personally and CEP really played a very important role in the fact that our school was able to finish this school year. Teachers received their salaries, parents were calm that their children would be able to study until the end of the year, even if they lost their earnings. And this was a blessing and a testimony of our unity as christians, because everyone understood that our brothers and sisters help us.

We were wondering whether we would be able to work next school year. There was a lot of uncertainty, but we  decided to work and overcome the difficulties that would arise.

The first thing we encountered was the preparation of the premises for studying under the martial law and air alerts. We had to prepare the basement as a shelter during air alerts, to provide the necessary medicines, food, water and other means. We also had to renovate our school premises, because refugees have been living there for 5 months. We are going to use your last funds for these needs mostly.

Today, we have 91 students who will study at school, 26 students were transferred to the external studies. Some families are abroad, some are afraid to let their children to go to school, others cannot pay a school fee. Unfortunately, this situation differs from the plans which parents shared with at the beginning of the summer, it is about 25% students less than it was said.

Unfortunately, 10 teachers have left our team, but God bless us to find the most teachers which we need.

Every week I’ve got new messages that one of the students or teachers had to leave the lyceum and it caused some sadness. In many classes there will be 8-10 students. Last year there were 14-16. But for now, I hope that there will be no big changes and we will get at least a little certainty. In general, those teachers and children who stayed at school have great enthusiasm.

This is how the financial side of school life looks like:

  • we asked the parents to calculate their ability to pay if they would like to study with us;
  • we were forced to raise the  school fee, now  it is about 77 pounds per month for one child;
  • the students of external form of studying will also pay, but school fee for them is  three times less;
  • the government reduced its funding, but did not take it away at all and that is very good.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t compensate for the losses with these means. Therefore, we made the following decisions:

  1. we will reduce the teachers’ salaries if we don’t find additional funding (it may come with the help of additional activities at school, transferring of pupils from other school and the charity);
  2. we will keep the salary at the current level, if we find 100,000 hryvnias more per month (it is 2,000 pounds at the current exchange rate);
  3. we will use the finance for development of the school base, if we attract more funds. 

We understand that this year is a challenge for us. And we are ready to fight with God’s help so that christian education, which gives not only knowledge, but also hope in God, continues in our city.

If you could help us, we will be grateful to God and you. We appreciate your concern, prayers and financial support.

May God bless you!

Preparing classes which served shelters for refugees for the last 5 months
Preparing a basement to be a shelter during air alerts