Our Partnership

Our CEP Partners in other countries are concerned to know how they can help, and all are to some degree involved, as many refugees come to all their countries. Our school in Bulgaria is seeking to admit refugee children. In Bratislava many refugees are being received, and the Narnia School is looking for ways to support the “Treasury of Wisdom” school in Lutsk, as they try to keep operating but parents cannot pay any fees, so the teachers are without income.

In Czechia, Pavel tells us a little of the situation there : “Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, you are right, the Ukraine situation is affecting us here, as everyone in Europe. Many refugees came to our country though not as many as to Poland. But you can meet refugees everywhere. Yesterday we were in Prague and train was full of refugees as they have free travel. Also in Prague we met Ukrainians everywhere. 
   There are several families in our church building. In fact three of them came through Malcolm. Czechs feel strongly about Ukraine because there are striking similarities to our history – Hitler taking Sudetenland in 1938 and Russians invading in 1968. People are taking Ukrainians into homes and any place they can stay in. Fortunately, we have now very good government and they also do what they can.”