Parakletos in Czech

Pavel explained that Parakletos has a three-fold focus –

  • Counselling
  • Seminars and conferences for people with various broken relationships
  • Support of Pastors and Christian leaders

The third of these has seen some change over the past year, concentrating on just 6 pastors, 4 of whom are in influential positions as leaders of denominations.

Another change this past year has been in the workload and lifestyle of Pavel and Julia themselves, following the deep exhaustion that Pavel suffered a year ago. Through making changes, some important lessons have been learned –

  • To live simply requires discipline
  • Ministry in Church requires patience
  • People grow as a result of Scripture and personal support
  • Projects change but the heart remains the same
  • Christians and non-Christians are both relational beings
  • Relational hunger opens people to the Christian message
  • Segments of Czech culture are definitely open to the incarnated gospel.

Overall, Pavel is encouraged by the current trends in spirituality within  the country Рwhich can now be simply called Czech.