PRAYER FOCUS. Partner: Ania, Lesvos.

Anna works with refugees in Lesvos, Greece

– I’m grateful, that our place looks nicer and nicer for women residents of the camp in Lesvos, we still pray for another trailer or place to extend our centre, as we don’t have a place for everyone inside of our container.

I’m very grateful for my assistant Joelle, but she will be leaving very soon therefore I need a new one, preferably long term one (1 year)

Please pray for my personal finances – I strongly feel God wants me to serve in the refugee camp here, but my fundraising is not going great at the moment. Please pray for regular supporters.

Please pray for elections in Greece, the camp will be definitely affected by who wins. Please pray for the Ministry of Migration and Refugees so they can make good decisions for this camp as we have more and more new arrivals and no space to house them.

Thank you so much for all your prayers!