Prayer update from Ukrainians in Wroclaw

Dear friends, we are thankful to God for His care and support through His people. We appreciate your open heart and amazing generosity.

We are grateful for:

The first transport of medical supplies that came to Wroclaw and to Ukraine.

The people who donated and helped to get diabetes medicine

The opportunity to fund transports in Ukraine, taking humanitarian aid from the west to the east of Ukraine where people are in big need of food and other items of first necessity because of severe war damage.

The opportunity to help refugee families here in Wroclaw, buy food for people living in Malcolm’s house

Transport with food going from the west to Harkiv

Please continue to pray for:

Other transports coming to Poland and then to Ukraine

God’s protection for our friends, families, people in active war areas and goods being brought to them

God’s protection for Sasha Y. from Lutsk (lives in Malcolm’s house now), who is driving to the border today to bring goods and to purchase a van for evacuating people from the east of Ukraine.

That people would stay faithful to God in any circumstances

That God would give wisdom in making important life decisions

That Ukrainians who don’t know God yet, would turn out to Him and receive His gift of salvation

People near Harkiv in a queue to get food from the transport