Precious times in Romania

June 2018 saw the end of the tenth year of the “Just as Precious” programme for young people volunteering in children’s homes. God has each year faithfully brought along the right volunteers, who have all grown through the programme, and was always in control.

A new thing in the last two years has been a Summer camp, helped by a team from US, plus this year a couple from England, who were brilliant at getting alongside the young people. They had seminars on topical issues such as Fair-Trade, many games and competitions, and many opportunities to talk about the difficulties in their lives, and consequently many said it was a life-changing experience for them.

At the moment, Carmen has stepped back from the programme with a six-month break from it; the plan is to re-start next semester. She has been much encouraged by some new donors at just that time, and by very positive feedback from the volunteers themselves and from the heads of the children’s homes where they serve. She requests prayer for her to be able to focus on her spiritual life as she seeks personal development, evaluation, and God’s way for the future.