Realis is the newest CEP Partner; a Christian centre in Kiev to help the church understand surrounding culture and to help surrounding society understand church.
History – it has grown out of Navigators, who in the 1980s helped to develop a culture of ministry through questions, new believers were encouraged to study and memorise scripture, and to encourage others to grow.
Realis was born in 1996, but has grown through two major events – Orange revolution 2004 and Dignity revolution in 2013.
Now there are two study programmes
1) Socio political ethics. 30 students from all backgrounds. They have visiting professors from Oxford, Princetown….
2) Christian counselling and chaplaincy masters level, 60 students.
Realis is a very small group, not at all powerful. But they started praying in Maidan square in Nov 2013. Sergiiy and other pastors were called to go up to platform and pray, everyday…. Then all the crowd said let’s pray twice a day. Then every hour. In the final few days, among the killing and violence, the prayer was continuous. Authorities asked what is it about Christians and prayer? and so they invited them to do this programme and they are greatly respected as a result.