Restart of the Territory 2.2 daycare centre in Lutsk, Ukraine

Two years ago we started a daycare centre within our non-profit educational organisation Territory 2.2. During this time we made some good relationships with the clients of our daycare.

When the war started we stopped our work.  As our territory remains comparatively safe so far, we decided to restart our project and in July we welcomed kids again. Notwithstanding the dangerous situation, parents need to work, so kids do need a kindergarten. We are highly grateful to God for His blessings and protection. We try to serve kids with an open heart and as well we try to be a light and joy for kids through these hard times. As kids do feel and understand everything as adults do. So they need a place to have fun, study, be loved and relax together with their friends. So far we are blessed with 14 beautiful sensible children who are extremely capable.

We are looking forward to receive the toys kindly donated by children from Reading. Looking back to the past month all I can say is that our God is full of mercy and comfort. He is the one who has everything under His mighty control. Please, keep us in your prayers so we could keep up this work.

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