Sanatorium visit

Some news from the Widows Project in Ukraine :

A note of thanks from Swieta and Lyena in Ukraine for the gifts sent from UK and Poland to help the women in the Widows group – :
“In February two of the widows and one mother of a missing soldier had an opportunity to go to a resort place and have a rest and treatment in Kalyna Resort thanks to you. Nina and Lilia dont have official widow status and so don’t get any social aid. Vira, whose son is missing, doesn’t get any help from the government. We’ve decided to help women like them and their children. In that sanatorium they got qualified treatment, psychological help and a great rest. The women were extremely glad and thankful for the opportunity to rest, as they live in the village and work physically hard.
We have also started a project “get a child dressed”. We help to choose and buy clothes that are modern and of good quality for 2500 UAN. Yulia and Stas are already “dressed”. Our project hasn’t finished yet.
Света Шараєвская и Лена Соколова.