School mum baptised

Dear friends. We are grateful to God for you and for your decision to serve those who are in need.
Our school continues to work. Now is the time for tests and final papers, so teachers and students are very focused on studying.
We noticed that the students are praying more to God at this time, and we are glad that we were able to teach many of them to pray with God’s help.
It was also good news for us that this month the mother of one of the students at our school was baptized in the church. And when she testified to her conversion to Christ, she mentioned the influence of the school.
In addition, teachers continue to meet and spend time with students who remain in Ukraine, if conditions allow, to encourage and support them.
We also conduct a survey among parents of students about their decision to educate their children in the next school year. So far, 76 percent of parents have been polled. 86 percent of them are ready to continue their studies at our school.
We conduct a similar survey among teachers and most are also ready to work.
We continue our financial policy on tuition fees: parents who have not lost their earnings pay the full amount, those who have lost their jobs do not pay at all, and those who have lost their earnings pay half the amount.
Thank you very much for your help with finance sent from UK. This amount allows us to have no debts to teachers.
We hope to win the war and to have the opportunity to study again next year and thank you again for your help in surviving this difficult time.
With gratitude and love from the headmaster and staff of the school “Treasury of Wisdom”