School now a Refugee Centre

Dear friends. Thank you for your prayers and interest in our lives. I think that God on earth has no other hands to do good than the hands of his followers. Therefore, the school staff thanks you for your good deeds through which they see God’s care.
Our school “Treasury of Wisdom” continues to work via the Internet for the fourth week. From 100 to 110 students join the lessons on different days. According to  the words of parents, studying is a good time for children in Ukraine and for refugee children. They can be distracted from military news, can communicate with each other, pray together, see and talk to the teacher. Many of them understand that studying is their contribution to the victory, to be able to help rebuild Ukraine later. 
Teaching also helps teachers. They focus on children and the learning process and are distracted from the war a little. In addition, teachers can be paid and have something to live on. But I want to note that they are not motivated by money. I am glad that they are ready to work for the sake of children, to help them and to do everything for Christ.
The premises of our school are still used for the reception of refugees. 
I hope that these messages will be a good reminder to pray for us.
Thank you again for you and your support.