Slovak Youth

In recent weeks there have been big anti-corruption demonstrations in Slovakia. Slovakia is in many ways one of the wealthiest and economically stable countries of the former Eastern European nations, and the Slovak people are bold and ambitious.

Integra has for a long time been actively seeking to guide and influence people in ethical ways, and leading on to godly ways – in business, education, social conscience and mission. So, Allan Bussard was very encouraged by the response to the latest seminars he’s been running : 

” On Friday Caulene and I returned from spending two days in Bardejov, Eastern Slovakia. We had gone to spend time with High School students. The topic of our seminars with them was “sustainable solutions to global poverty.”

We were amazed at the level of interest. More than 100 young people signed up for our seminar, and more had to be turned away.

Their questions and attention revealed a level of engagement, alertness and commitment that we found remarkable.

A major part of what we want to achieve is to influence a generation of Slovak youth to be aware and committed to engage and give leadership in helping solve the great global problems we face…poverty, injustice and environmental hazard.

One of the questions they asked was, “What motivates you to work with children in Africa?” The only possible answer we could give was that God calls his people to bring forth justice for the poor.

With young people like those we were with this week, this next generation of leaders is starting to emerge. They make us feel old, stupid and happily redundant.

Thanks for your prayers and support. “