Summer time at Youth for Christ

Time to start the holidays

The first half of 2019 is behind us. It was beautiful 6 months.

  • NARNIA – up to our day-care center, which operates 4 days a week, registered in nearly 60 children;
  • EVACUATION – nearly 100 students passed through our last meeting;
  • KOBIE.TY (WOMEN) – a total of 120 women appeared at meetings dedicated to them.


We are glad that our students meetings are attended by people from outside who were attracted by the subject matter and openness of those involved. 100 people came to the last meeting, most of them from outside the church. They appeared due to an interesting program, where, among others, there was a mini concert and two lectures related to social media and personal development. At the end there was a short inspiration to live with God.

Kobie.TY (women) 

4th edition, different, because this time 4 women sat on the couch. Singles. Women of all ages, with different experience, but all equally brave, to share what they struggle with as a single, what hurts them, what stereotypes they are facing and what kind of fights are going on every day. They told about their dreams and how it is to live in a world where the pressure of marriage is enormous.

Many tears poured down, wise questions were asked, a lot of sincere conversations and even more requests for more frequent meetings.

The girls wrote long after the event about how much this meeting changed their thinking about themselves, how they opened their heads and pushed them to take courageous decisions. We are grateful that women. IT become a platform to meet women and women. No mask and no restraint.


Another year can be summarized by a short story of one of our pupils. Olivia’s adventures with the “Narnia” Club at our Activity Center for Children and Youth began when she was 7 years old. Like most children, she came out of curiosity to see what was happening here. She liked it and stayed to this day. At present, thirteen-year-old Olivia comes along with her younger brother Bartek, for whom she is a role model. A real leader is starting to emerge from a shy girl who is not afraid of challenges. When she promises something – she will always keep her word. She cares for younger children and eagerly helps them. Whenever you need to help the educators – Olivia is always next to you. When adults are not looking, she likes to do a small, innocuous trick;) She knows moderation and appreciates it. Olivia loves holidays, she was sent three times by the Foundation for the summer camp. It is a real honor for her, but she knows that her work deserves it. Quoting Olivia: “Unfortunately, I’m afraid that I’m getting old and growing out of summer camps, so from now on I have decided not to grow anymore!”

Summer Camp

As every year, we also had the privilege to be a partner of the Pomost Association, with whom we have been doing summer camps together for several years. A small summary of this trip:

Happy camp took place for the twelfth time – amazing how this time flies.
A wonderful time as usual! Great kids, from whom we learn the joys of life and curiosity of the world!
Our English group of Rugby volunteers made sure that this camp was unforgettable! Lots of laughter, fun, but also English learning. Friendships for life included!
We’re counting down the days until next year!