Support a widow in Ukraine

This year the CEP Summer camps in Poland and Ukraine have enough sponsors, praise God, but here is an opportunity to sponsor someone in real need :

Opportunity to offer personal sponsorship to a war widow in Ukraine : Iryna has been receiving regular support from someone in the UK, but this person has had to stop, so Territory 2:2 are urgently looking for someone to take over for a year or so, so that this lady does not lose the support she is depending on. The amount needed is £30 per month, though any amount would be more than acceptable. She is a Christian, and would be happy to have correspondence with any sponsor; Slava explained her circumstances :”Iryna lives in the Volun region of Ukraine, and her husband’s death came at a particularly poignant moment. She and her husband had planned to adopt a child – they had gone through all the necessary application process and were waiting for a child to be found. By the time Social Services had found a suitable child, Iryna’s husband had died in the war in the East. Iryna decided to go ahead with the adoption, in honour of the dream she and her husband had shared. She has a 16-year-old son, and now this baby of 5 months. She had left her job to care for the baby, and now has no husband to provide for them. She too is trying to help other widows, despite her own despair and needs.
Please get in touch if this is something you would like to consider.