Support for Ukraine

Thanks to everyone who has donated to help the refugees who have fled from Ukraine; that money is being put to good use in Poland to find accommodation, buy basic supplies and the many needs to support so many people day to day.

The new need identified is for medical supplies within Ukraine, where they are completely exhausted. There are none now in Poland either, and in Germany they are running short. So, plans are well advanced now for initially 3 transit vans to go from UK to Wroclaw, Poland, where the supplies will be repacked for onward transport into Ukraine. The first van from Scotland is almost fully supplied and booked to travel in the next few days – unfortunately via a P&O ferry! So please pray they will be able to cross. The other 2 teams are based in Reading and in Bradford/Harrogate.

It going to cost around £20,000 to buy the supplies to fill one van, so we are appealing again for generous help towards this goal.

Please mark any donations for this “Medical Supplies”, and every penny will go to directly buy the items needed. Thank you!

Accommodating people in a hotel in Wroclaw, as there were no places in the houses at that moment